Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Going Back...

The idea being that next time I am in Japan (later this year!) I will be posting people hardcopy photographs made into postcards, from places I visit.  each postcard will have a QR Code (a kind of two dimensional barcode) which you can scan with the camera on your iphone or android phone with the assistance of a small app you can download for free ( such as NeoReader ). the QR Code is actually a web link to an audio clip, recorded in the place the photograph was taken. 

if you have an iphone, try it with the image above.  download NeoReader on your phone, click on the image above to view the full size version, (or the qr code will be too blurry to read), scan the QR code in the bottom right corner, and see  where it takes you.  If its all working, it should take you Here.

Of course, if i manage to do this, you will be scanning the QR code on a real postcard you got in the mail, not an image on a website. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again you marry cleverness with generosity so well.


12:17 pm, January 31, 2012  

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