Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Minoyama Sunset

It was a gorgeous warm spring day today. I was able to open all the windows in the van and enjoy the warmth. Bummer about having to work though. About 5pm it just got too much. I had to get out and enjoy it just a bit. So, I got on the scoot and headed out of town in the direction of Minoyama, one of the mountains that surrounds the Chichibu basin. Its the purple camera symbol in the top right of the map below.

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From up there, you can really see how Chichibu really is a basin, ringed by quite high mountains. There are some smaller 'ranges' inside the basin that separate the Arakawa river valley (in which Chichibu-city is) and Ogano to the west. From down in chichibu, you dont really get an idea of the overall geography.

But from the top of Minoyama, its wonderfully clear...

And the Big Love Bike is living up to its name and showing me the love!


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