Saturday, September 30, 2006

Stone Cold Kitty

Yep. It's Hello Kitty. In pink marble.

The last two days have been very different days. Friday, my first full day here, was a bit of a strange one. The first time i came to Chichibu, everthing was new, different, and amazing. Even after 3 months, I just kept getting a kick out of small things. This time around, my first day here seemed to have a bit of a cloud over it. To some extent, it felt like i'd never left. But it (or I) just didn't seem to have the shine it had last time. I spent the day cleaning up the caravan, and going out and stocking up on essential supplies. A bit of flute practice seemed to help a bit, and I think I was still pretty tired.

Today - Saturday - the cloud lifted, and I feel like I'm properly awake and seeing things again. Did some work on the love bike (blog entry on that coming soon), some more flute practice, and then into Tokyo with Lachlan on the train for a Saturday arvo lesson.

Kakizakai got me to change my embouchure a fair bit - so its time to undo some bad habits that have set in. I played Daha from memory, and it didnt come out too bad. Not great, but not terrible either. It was fantastic having the lesson though - i can really feel my enthusiasm kicking into overdrive again. :)

We got a lift home with Kaki, bit not before Lachlan and I hit the big computer store - he got a cheap secondhand iRiver, and I got a cheap secondhand second monitor for my laptop - something i'll need so I can work properly. I also paid a visit to the local Outdoor World, and bought a super-cool little gas stove and titanium pot set to take camping. (after deciding not to lug the Trangia over here this time) We all had a fun and relaxed conversation in the car on the way back - an enjoyable ride.

Another thing which lifted me today was Patchie getting Skype to work. So nice to hear her voice from over here. A short sunset bikeride, home for some dinner and a bit more flute practice and I'm feeling just wonderful. :)

Friday, September 29, 2006

Dreaming in Japanese...

A week ago I had a dream in Japanese. I dont remember much about it, other than that the people in it were speaking Japanese, and so was I. So it seems my brain has been waking up and reconnecting all the bits from last time, in preparation for being here now. Which I am. Here. In Japan. Now.


Now, please excuse the short entry, as im about to crash!

Oyasumi nasai!