Saturday, August 02, 2008

back to the bump and grind...

one month back in oz now.

Im starting "internet lessons" with Kakizakai, where I record myself playing the piece I'm working on, and email him a copy of the recording, and he sends me feedback.

Here is a link to the first of these - the piece I'm currently working on is called "Takiochi", which translates as "cascading waterfall". I cant play it from memory yet, so this recording was made while playing from the notation.

The recording isn’t so good - I was using a stereo mic setup so it was aligned up-down instead of left-right - I was hoping to get a better range of the sound this way - but I think I was too close to the mic, so it was very sensitive to any horizontal movement - there are a couple of phrases that sound a bit muffled, where I must have leaned to the side a little. Next time I think I will just sit back a lot further from the microphone. I got a bit ragged towards the end of the piece - pitch control went out the window a bit, but its a lot better than it was a week ago.

anyway, its a start...